Reiki Memphis

What is Reiki?

How Does Reiki Work?
It influences every cell in our body. One of the main functions of Reiki is to promote a deep state of relaxation. The relaxation response releases endorphins in one’s brain and the endorphins relax the muscles.
​Relaxed muscles create more space between cells providing increased circulation.Increased blood flow elevates oxygen levels throughout the body. Accelerated blood flow allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently.  Enzymes build for proper digestion. Hormones regulate and strengthen the body's constitution. Toxins are released from the body. Healthy cells begin to regenerate.  A sense of well-being is established which promotes wholeness.  When the body has a stable physiology, the immune system is regulated. The resulting stability within the immune system affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of the body's energy field supporting self-healing.
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a natural, Japanese tradition of deep relaxation and stress relief. Reiki uses gentle touch to move energy in the body. Reiki is performed by a certified Reiki practitioner. The practitioner applies a light touch, which is deeply relaxing and creates a sense of well-being. It is usually experienced as a profound feeling of warmth and comfort leaving the recipient in a peaceful, deeply relaxed state. Reiki is NOT massage. The practitioner’s hands momentarily remain in a set position over the body's energy centers and joints. The recipient remains fully clothed. The treatment is safe and non-invasive. It is especially helpful in managing pain. Reiki does not replace traditional medicine, but adds a valuable piece to the care giving process. 

As a practicing Reiki Master for the last fifteenyears I am sometimes asked, "What got you into reiki?" Seeking an answer to my question, "Why is there so much suffering in the world?" Reiki, for me, is  a way to address suffering. It is a tool that made a difference in my life and sharing that tool with others has become my life.