Reiki Memphis

Just want to let you know that I started running again today,and felt no pain in my hip afterwards. I attribute it to the reiki session you gave me yesterday. Thank you so much!"

Denise T.

Germantown, TN 

​"It was a huge pleasure to meet you and experience  reiki today. You can't imagine how inspirational and transformative an experience it was for me. (Yes, I truly mean it.) I appreciated all your effort and your suggestions for my knee problems. I will let my friends know about your service. Looking forward to seeing you again!"

Brad V.

Bartlett, TN

"My  reiki session was phenomenal. I've been to several  reiki practitioners  off and on over the years and she is definitely my favorite so far. I have older volleyball injuries, tight IT bands, and travel cross-country every week, so my body takes a beating. I had been suffering from extreme lower back pain recently . She focused on exactly what I asked for and was extremely thorough. She was also very personable, which made me feel extremely comfortable."

Gloria T.

Memphis, TN

"This was my first reiki session  ever and the experience was awesome. Can't wait to go back and do it again."
Lana K. Cordova, TN

​​"Thanks, you might be meeting  the whole family! I really enjoyed the my session yesterday and have been feeling good all day! I just realized that I have not felt the need to "crack" my neck all day. That's really good! After the session I felt taller, lighter and energetic. After a  massage, I feel heavier and very relaxed. Both are nice- just surprisingly different."

Ben B.

Byhalia, Mississippi

"I want to take this opportunityto  Thank You! I have seen a tremendous improvement in my hip and shoulder after only two sessions. At the same time, the entire experience is so peaceful and relaxing that I will certainly continue to visit even when I am not experiencing the stiffness and pain. Your Center is like a mini oasis in my somewhat hectic life and  I look forward to each and every visit! 

Carol S.

Olive Branch, MS

"I enjoyed the experience of being in the presence of one who has a deep inner knowing of their purpose in life, one who is very clear about why they are here on Earth, how they will be while they are here and what they have been sent here to do. You helped me ask the right questions that led me to a breakthrough. Thank you for helping me see that my life, if lived to its full potential, will become another miracle. Loved your class!

 Jason G.

Collierville, TN

"​Knowledge, experience and commitment distinguish Jen. Her calm, down-to-earth demeanor endears her to students. Her classes are grounded in her ongoing study of raising consciousness inspired by her love of working with Reiki energy."

Mark C.

Southhaven, Mississippi